Disc Assessment

Narita Group is the first company to commercialize the DiSC family of personality assessments and are considered and industry leader. DiSC is a personality assessment tool that provides a common language that we can use to discuss what behaviors we share with others and what we do differently.

DiSC can help all of us learn about ourselves, learn about others, learn how to build more effective relationships with others and adapt our own behavior.

Products of Everything DiSC:

Workplace – for everyone in the organization

Management – about the employment for the manager

Sales – how to connect better with the customer

Work of Leaders – encourage leaders to understand their own leadership behavior

360 for Leader – for DiSC users


Business simulation 

“Narita Simulation Technology” is an intensive hands-on experience is designed to teach you how to manage a company in a fast-paced market where customers are demanding and competitors are working hard to take away your business using Interpretive Business Simulation programs.

Interpretive Simulations were created to meet the demand for creating tomorrow’s business leaders. Variety or Interpretive Business Simulations:





Six Sigma Certification

The Six Sigma Methodology offers a high level of quality that makes every effort to reach perfection in products or services sold by a company, organization, or business. It is a set of business tools, statistical theory, and quality control knowledge that helps improve your business procedures. It has the capability of improving performance while decreasing process discrepancy. The methodology helps reduce defects and improve profits, and boosts both staff morale and product quality. The goal is to do away with inconsistency, waste, and defects that challenge customer loyalty.


Six Sigma Yellow Belts    Six Sigma Green Belts    Six Sigma Master Black Belts       Six Sigma Black Belts

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