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    Outlook Essentials Training Course provides training in every basic function of Outlook such as using the inbox, organising email folders, using the interface, creating and managing emails and more. The course is designed to build a solid foundation in MS Office Outlook skills so you can use it efficiently and effectively. READ MORE

    Course Objectives

    - Gain the ability to access and write e-mails from anywhere
    - Understand the Outlook interface and proficiently use this web application to complete e-mail tasks
    - Learn the basics of creating, sending, saving, printing, and managing emails
    - Become efficient at creating appointments, tasks, and reminders to plan meetings, events, and the day
    - Understand how to use the instant message option to collaborate with others
    - Learn to use junk mail filters to increase productivity
    - Organize and group e-mails with folders
    - Learn how to personalize profiles with a Signature and formatting options
    - Understand how to store contact information about co-workers, collaborators and prospects, including organizing with grouping options


    Lesson 1: Getting Started with Outlook

    Explore the Outlook Interface
    Send a Simple Message
    Reading Messages
    Reply to and Forward a Message
    Print a Message
    Delete a Message

    Lesson 2: Composing Messages

    Address a Message
    Format a Message
    Check Spelling and Grammar
    Attach a File

    Lesson 3: Organizing Messages

    Open and Save an Attachment
    Flag a Message
    Organize Content with Folders

    Lesson 4: Managing Contacts

    Add a Contact
    Sort and Find Contacts
    Find the Geographical Location of a Contact
    Manage Contacts

    Lesson 5: Scheduling Appointments

    Explore the Outlook Calendar
    Schedule an Appointment
    Assign Categories and Edit Appointments

    Lesson 6: Scheduling Meetings

    Schedule a Meeting
    Reply to a Meeting Request
    Propose a New Meeting Time
    Manage Meetings
    Print the Calendar

    Lesson 7: Managing Tasks and Notes

    Create a Task
    Edit and Update a Task
    Create a Note
    Edit a Note
    Display a Note on the Desktop


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    • course Hours: 8
    • course price: 400 EGP
    • Course Dates:

      Lesson 1: Getting Started with Outlook

      Lesson 2: Composing Messages

      Lesson 3: Organizing Messages