PRINCE2® is an exam-based qualification composed of two levels: Foundation. The PRINCE2® Foundation course will focus on equipping the delegate with a detailed knowledge of the PRINCE2 methodology including the seven principles, seven processes and seven themes central to running a project using this method. The successful completion of the Foundation Exam will give the delegate a recognized Foundation qualification. This course is delivered using accelerated learning techniques which create fun, interactive and interesting training environments. We provide pre-course materials and activities to enable delegates to prepare themselves for the course so that they can take full advantage of the trainer’s knowledge and guidance.

    Audience profile
    This level aims to measure whether a candidate would be able to act an informed member of a project management team using the PRINCE2® method. To this end they need to show they understand the principles and terminology of the method.

    This course would benefit:

    • Project Managers
    • General Managers
    • Program Managers
    • Team Managers and support staff
    • Staff who will have a defined role
    • Project Management Consultants

    The purpose of the Foundation qualification is to confirm that a candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the PRINCE2 method to be able to work effectively with, or as a member of, a project management team working within an environment supported by PRINCE2. The Foundation qualification is also a pre-requisite for the PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification.

    Prior to your course, we’ll send you a PRINCE2 manual and some pre-course preparation guidance. We suggest you study the manual for at least 10 hours prior to the course to familiarize yourself with the method. In addition, we will give you access to our Online CBT Prince2 Foundation material to help prepare you for your course.

    Course outline
    PRINCE2 Introduction

    • Prince and the Big Picture
    • 8 components of planning
    • 8 processes for managing projects


    The project management team Responsibilities of:

    • The Project Board
    • Project and Team Manager
    • Team Managers

    Starting up a Project

    • Purpose of a Project Brief
    • The essential Business Case

    Initiating a Project

    • The scope of Project Initiation
    • Purpose of a PID

    Quality Management

    • Understanding Customer expectations
    • Participating in a Quality review


    • Why Product Based Planning?
    • Understanding Product Based Plans

    Controls and Stages

    • Project controls
    • Project Board controls
    • Defining your level of authority

    Risk Management

    • The importance of Risk Management
    • The sources and types of risk

    Directing a Project

    • Responsibilities of a Project Board
    • Working as a Project Management Team

    Managing a Project

    • Controlling a stage
    • Managing project delivery
    • Managing stage boundaries

    Change Management

    • Why Change Control?
    • Configuration Management

    Closing a Project

    • Benefits of a formal project sign-off
    • Why Post Project reviews?

    Class exercises

    • Review of PRINCE2® project documents

    Sample Foundation Exam questions


    The PRINCE2® Practitioner Course provides an opportunity to apply the concepts of the PRINCE2 methodology to a scenario and prepares participants for the PRINCE2 Practitioner examination.

    This level is aiming to ensure that a candidate could apply PRINCE2 to the running and managing of a non-complex project within an environment supporting PRINCE2. To this end they need to exhibit the competence required for the Foundation qualification, and show that they can apply and tailor PRINCE2 in order to address the needs and problems of a given project scenario.

    This is a two day classroom based course mainly aimed at Project Managers, with a focus on scenarios. Exercises will be based on a case study with a similar format to that used in the APM Group Practitioner Exam. This case study will be used to test the thorough understanding of the application of PRINCE2.

    Audience profile

    • (Senior) Project Managers
    • PM Office Managers
    • Project Directors
    • Senior Management
    • Program Managers

    Following the completion of the course participants should:

    • Know or be able to comment on detailed explanations of all processes, themes and techniques, and worked examples of all PRINCE2 management products as they might be applied to address the particular circumstances of a given project scenario
    • Demonstrate that they understand the relationships between processes, themes, techniques and PRINCE2 management products and can apply this understanding
    • Demonstrate that they understand the reasons behind the processes, themes and techniques of PRINCE2
    • Demonstrate their understanding of how to tailor PRINCE2 to different project environments.


    Project Management experience and experience working in project teams. Some pre-read material is provided prior to the event, which is expected to be fully read and studied before attending the course. The Foundation exam must have been passed if attending the final two days of the course.


    • Review of the PRINCE2 Principles
    • Review of the PRINCE2 themes
    • Business Case
    • Organization
    • Plans
    • Progress
    • Risks
    • Quality
    • Change
    • All PRINCE2 processes from Starting Up to Closing a project
    • Tailoring PRINCE2
    • Exam preparation


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    • course Hours: 48
    • course price: EGP
    • Course Dates: