Training Methodology


What is next?

The golden question that all kids are asking from us; what is next? Why?

Our rule to give them the answer for it and expand their mind to be open for new things and prepare them to be able to take the next step in their life as well as in their education.

It is a universal desire of parents to want their children to grow up in a happy and healthy environment; Narita Child World program gives a hand in that. We prepare our children to get ready for the future and able to cooperate and take Narita Academy programs from preparatory till graduation.

“Narita Child World” Development is the result of “transactions” between the child and his/her environment.  Each transaction results in new learning which results in the development of skills. The right frequency, quality and intensity of interactions between children and their environment will result in each child reaching his or her full potential.

“Narita Child World” Development programs provide learning experiences for children to develop knowledge and skills, maximize their individual potential, and function in a range of current and future learning environments.


I lead my future

Are you truly happy? Do you even know what it means to be happy and what it takes to achieve happiness? I lead my life to maintain my own happiness while trying my best to not cause unhappiness to anyone else. Find out who you are, what life is, why you are here. You can experience the Truth for yourself. Get clear on these things and your real life will begin. Yearn to live from a deeper place of knowingness. When you find yourself it will be your inner strength and the force that will empower you to build the life you were meant to live.

The process of Narita Assessment Center” helps to identify majors or careers that suit you for individual or corporate interests, skills, personality traits, and work values.

Narita Academy will help to discover your private and business passion and decide what major or career to pursue can be difficult, so we encourage you and your business to take a deep breath, ponder these questions, and focus on what will ultimately make you happy.



Narita Simulation Technology” is an intensive hands-on experience is designed to teach you how to manage a company in a fast-paced market where customers are demanding and competitors are working hard to take away your business.

Narita Simulation Technology is the most accurate, thorough employee assessment technology ever developed. Giving participants the ability to use what they learned in class in the realities of the business world has always been our critical advantage.

Simulations deliver a risk-free platform for implementing and testing ideas. No one gets fired and no real budgets are on the line. Yet, participants leave the experience with a more analytical way of thinking, and are more prepared for the real world by testing contingencies and scenarios in advance.

Simulation technology allows participants to develop a long-term perspective and learn how a decision made today will affect the company’s value in the years to come. Not just in theory, but through real market factors.


Extend your mind

Extend your mind encourages progressive thinking, the broadening of perspectives, absorbing scientific knowledge, pondering and a refined understanding of the world around us.

“Core Competencies Builder Program” is our start up programs to develop minimum needed skills for everyone for one’s own good and for business purposes.

The Core Competencies Builder Program have been established to encourage and develop programs that will enrich and expand student learning opportunities consistent with the goal of Narita Academy’s Strategic Plan to promote student success.

The central element of Narita Academy’s Core Competencies programs is to develop intellectual interest, gain foundational knowledge, acquire cognitive skills, and adopt strategies of inquiry, disciplinary integration, and advanced discourse.

Students learn how to identify, understand, and implement the skills they need to build relationships in life; to interact and collaborate with others who are different from them; to learn leadership; and to engage with society at the campus, community, and global levels.

This is our start up programs to develop minimum needed skills for everyone for one’s own good and for business purposes.


Switch knowledge to experience

Knowledge has always been the key to success. It helps us solving our problems. And changes the way we look at our life. It has been said, “Not everything that is learned is contained in books.”

Having both experience and knowledge leads to wisdom. Knowing what you can and cannot do, helps to make the right choice. Practical experience means being able to fit into a team, and learning how to communicate, fill out the paperwork, making better technical choices, understanding how technologies move through acceptance to death, and so much more.

“The En-Route Business Competencies Program” is created by visionary academics in response to the demand for applied, competency-based training.

The program actively involves students through the use of business cases, skills workshops, and other contemporary educational techniques.  Narita Academy provides an alternative route for students who are seeking international designation in America or Japan, and gives students an opportunity to develop an appreciation for the academic research process and academe as a career choice.

This category mainly designed to target fresh graduates, new employees, junior level staff, and etc. aiming to better educate them about the business community organization ethics, how to level up any organization and how to plan ahead for their careers. And this category continues to develop the language skills and (advanced) IT skills.


Be an Expert

Who is an expert?

An expert is someone that knows their stuff better than anyone else in their field. An expert is the person that basically has the best subject matter knowledge and can tell the others how to do things. An expert is not necessarily a people manager, oftentimes they prefer improve their own skills than managing others.

“Narita Group of Specialized Programs” responds to the unique needs of Egypt’s diverse students. Narita Academy’s Specialized Programs are designed for professionals with a career focus on a specific sector or area in which to deepen their knowledge.


Own the world

Acknowledging the ever growing market needs and demands for developing the human factor in all aspects of life, Narita Academy has always succeeded in responding and re-inventing itself to meet the needs of its wide and diversified client’s demands.

An exciting and rewarding career waits all youth when they participate in the “Career Advanced Strategy Builder Program”, a youth career development initiative developed by Narita Academy.

Providing career opportunities for youth is very important as the structure of the global marketplace is changing, and young people with limited career education will have relatively fewer employment opportunities than their educated counterparts.

The Career Advanced Strategy Builder Program is Narita Academy’s commitment to improving access to quality education in Egypt for all students with the newest trends in career counseling and employment coaching.


Certify your experience

For seeking a way to move your career forward, consider enrolling in Narita Academy “Professional Certificate Program”. These multiclass offerings are designed to allow you to expand your expertise in a specific subject. They are comprised of required courses that cover the fundamentals of your area of interest, as well as electives that focus on more granular topics of specialization. Knowledge and skills gained can be immediately applied in the workplace.

Professional certifications can serve as an indicator of professionalism and competence. Obtaining Narita certification can prepare and give the necessary knowledge to continue your qualification and get an International Diploma afterwards.

Narita Academy’s Professional certification, trade certification, and professional designation are a designation earned by a person to assure qualification to perform a job or task.



“International Certificate Program” enriches the student’s academic preparedness to take advantage of the multitude of opportunities and challenges awaiting them; acquisition of knowledge and perspective in the varying aspects of our ever-evolving global economy Narita Academy has succeeded in establishing a wide base of training programs as well as local and international accredited certificates in Languages, Information Technology and Business Administration.

International Certificate Program offers comprehensive postgraduate-level study that prepare students to work anywhere in the world and include a required internship as part of the program as well as the opportunity to study abroad in Japan, America, Far East or Europe.


Catch The Sky

Narita Academy’s General “MBA Program” prepares students to lead and succeed in today’s complex business environment. Its setting is where information and innovation are of prime importance. The competitive advantage at each organization is high levels of customer service, while improving systems and processes on a continuous basis. Successful organizations are those that draw on the collective knowledge of their employees while harnessing IT to meet their strategic aims.

IBSS MBA is ideal for the 21st century working professionals as it allows you to excel in your career while you attend face-to face or MBA online sessions during weekends. IBSS (International Business School of Scandinavia) programs are often developed with local partners in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The desire of IBSS is working on securing high quality education at a decent price while providing international education with flexible, high quality and degrees.

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